wsbtv weather app

ABC Weather App

Now ranked #1 for the search term [atlanta weather app]. Part of an overall marketing strategy, we’ve done over 20 app marketing sites for COX Media in 10 different markets.


MLK In Memphis

A simple and clean brochure site for FOX13 television station in Memphis. It features a dynamic video section and custom timeline chronicling Dr. King’s historic visit to Memphis.

usa health insurance

USA Health Insurance

An insurance lead generation site that features dynamic forms and SalesForce integration.

jesse jones

Jesse Jones

A news site that garners over 2 million visitors per month, was built to be fast and user-friendly. Loaded with features like custom search, social sharing, infinite scrolling and more.

joe neal

Joe Neal Attorney

The website for a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, GA. Simple and built to capture leads, it is used heavily in AdWords campaigns as well as direct response initiatives.

hot topicsHot Topics TV

A companion site for ABC Atlanta, Hot Topics covers viral videos and stories. Since moving to WordPress they’ve gown their editorial team and doubled their traffic in 6 months.


Britzy’s Parties

An image-heavy site for a children’s party company in Dayton, OH. Since redesigning the site and optimizing for mobile they’ve seen a 150% increase in web leads.


The Vintage Collection

A portfolio-style site for a vintage motorcycle collector. Lots of white space, very user friendly. One of those sites that lets the content speak for itself.


WSOC Football App

An app marketing site built for WSOCTV Charlotte. Used in marketing campaigns around the high school and college football season, it has increased app downloads and overall awareness.


KIRO7 Apps

A simple utility site that directs users to download all of the company’s apps from one page. Used in over-the-air segments as well as social media.


WSB Moms

An ongoing effort with ABC Atlanta, this is a blog/forum site that allows editors and writers to connect with users via various social media platforms.


WSB Community

Still in its beta phase, WSB Community is a calendar-style event site that tracks upcoming events in the Atlanta area. Users can submit new events and connect to the site via their FaceBook profiles.